Announcing the WebLink Form Styler

WebLink has always made it simple to processing online donations and integrate the data with DonorPerfect. However, styling the form wasn’t always so simple and often required advanced web developer skills – but not anymore! Over the past few weeks, we have upgraded all WebLink accounts to easily create and format a WebLink form with rounded corners and attractive buttons without any programming necessary.

You can now create a stunning WebLink form in minutes with our new Form Styler! Simply choose from several template layouts, color schemes, font sizes, button formats, and much more. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Josh Nelson
by Josh Nelson

Apr 16 14

Don’t Worry, Our Products are Safe from Heartbleed!

heartbleedYou may have heard about an internet vulnerability known as Heartbleed. This vulnerability impacts OpenSSL software code that is used to securely send private data to and from internet servers. None of our applications utilize OpenSSL technology including DonorPerfect, WebLink, DonorPages or the DonorPerfect payment processing (SafeSave Gateway), so rest assured, you’re 100% safe!

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Support Department at If you are interested in purchasing DonorPerfect, please contact our account managers at (800) 220-8111 or

by sgoldenberg

Apr 11 14

Announcing Simplified Receipts Screen, Adding Codes on the Fly, and More in April’s Release!

Recently, we’ve been asked, “How can I stay up to date on the improvements being made to DonorPerfect?”  We understand that it can be challenging to stay informed about the changes we’re making and simply put, we want to make this easier for you to do.  So, we’ve turned to our blog to begin improving our communications about each release.

On average, we release an update to DonorPerfect Online every 5 weeks.  Each update can include new features, meaningful improvements to the layout of existing functionality, as well as corrections to the software.  We believe these improvements will save you time, help you raise more money, and make your work easier…but that’s only true if you know what they are and how to use them.

We Respect Your Inbox

Let’s face it, we each get a staggering amount of email every day and there are various other communication tools that won’t clog up your inbox. Going forward, this blog will highlight the most meaningful changes to our software. To stay connected and informed, subscribe to the blog using an RSS feed. Through your RSS Reader (Feedly, NetNewsWire, etc.) you’ll be notified when new content is available for your reading pleasure! Don’t worry, we’ll still publish the full release notes for those of you who want the nitty-gritty details of every change that was made.

For high-impact changes that affect nearly every client, we’ll use an in-product message to deliver the news. These brief blurbs appear on the top of every screen in DonorPerfect. It lets you know what’s changing, when it’s changing, and includes a link to learn more.

Release Highlights

So, without further ado, our next update to DonorPerfect Online will be live on Monday, April 7 and will include some great improvements. Simply click through the graphics below for an overview of the most meaningful changes.

by lsheehan

Apr 1 14

AFP International Conference Lives Up to Its Billing

This week marked the 51st AFP International Conference, held this year in San Antonio, and it sure lived up to its “international” billing.  I attended a session by Tom Latchford. He spoke about “Shaking up Philanthropy with Social Media”. Tom is from London, and he started his terrific session with really funny observations of his travel experiences in Texas. His session gave nonprofits a blueprint for how to get others to help you raise more via social media (I won’t butcher his ideas with my faulty memory). During his session, I met an enthusiastic attendee from Alabama who was inspired by Tom to tell the stories of all the people who volunteer to help at her clinic. I also met the head of New Zealand’s version of AFP, and two funny ladies from Canada who love American junk food (we bonded). IceCreamAFP2014

All in all, there were 3,400 people from all over the world there to learn, share experiences and enjoy a few days in San Antonio. It was my first time in Texas, and I really enjoyed it. The barbeque and Tex-Mex were great, the RiverWalk was beautiful, and the Alamo really is something to remember.

My favorite part of the conference was getting to meet so many interesting people.  It’s the only conference I get to go to (marketing guys are usually kept locked away in dark rooms, and for good reason).  I heard so many inspiring stories, and you can’t help but be taken by everyone’s enthusiasm and passion.

At our booth, we gave out ice cream this year, and based on the crowds and ice cream mustaches, I’d say it was a big success!

We also had our annual wine & cheese reception for clients and potential clients.WineCheeseReception

It was great to hear from so many happy clients, and put faces to names I’ve spoken with over the years.  Jon Biedermann, our VP for fundraising solutions, gave a demo of our mobile app, and spoke about some great new features like social media integration.  Plus, we got to hear from Jonathan Gibbs from Network for Good speaking about our brand new integration with DonateNow online forms, and Ryan Woroniecki from DonorSearch speak about our integration with their prospect research services. (They gave classic 30 second elevator speeches about their products. If you don’t have one for your nonprofit’s mission, I suggest you create it!)

If you can’t get to the big AFP conference, which will be held in Baltimore next year, try to go to a regional one, or another association’s conference. It’s a great way to learn what’s new, what others in your area (geographic or segment) are doing, and just to meet some very interesting people.  Okay, back to my dark room I go for another year to think of new ways to say “free” and “seamless integration”.

by sgoldenberg

Mar 28 14

DonorPerfect training receives CFRE certification for 2014

For our clients who currently have Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification and need to earn additional education credits, or for those working towards initial certification, we have great news to share. All of our instructor-led live webinars, on-demand training videos, and our regional workshops have been approved for CFRE certification for 2014 *! Whether your training includes database management, tools for relationship building, or accountability of fundraising efforts, our webinars and workshops have something for you. More information on the CFRE Certification program, as well the tracker forms, are available here. To learn more about our training offerings, visit

* applies to webinars and workshops for DonorPerfect Online

by Arlene Berkowitz

Mar 18 14