Free Nonprofit Webcast: Ask the Legal Expert

FREE February Webcast: “Ask the Legal Expert”

We are hosting a free Expert Webcast for you to ask any legal question that your nonprofit is facing. So many legal questions arise in the course of fundraising and so often, charities lack the time or budget to engage a lawyer when needed. Register for our next expert webcast with Laura Solomon, Esq. to ask any question related to fundraising or any aspect of running your nonprofit.

February 4, 2015
2:00 – 3:00 PM  Eastern Time


Laura N. Solomon, Esq. is the founder of Laura Solomon & Associates. LS&A is a law firm devoted to the representation of nonprofit, charitable, and other tax-exempt organizations and philanthropic planning for individuals.

by sgoldenberg

Jan 22 15

Year-End Reporting: Tips on Using the Comprehensive Donor Revenue Analysis Report

cdrn report

Comprehensive Donor Revenue Analysis Report

It’s the start of the new year and, for our clients, that means a busy month focused on a wide variety of important tasks, including annual reporting and goal-setting for the new year.

Fortunately, there are plenty of standard reports in DonorPerfect that can help you with this.  One report in particular has so much useful information in it, I thought it was worth it’s own blog post: the Comprehensive Donor Revenue Analysis Report.

Are you interested in:

  • Donor retention?
  • Average gift size?
  • Number of new donors?
  • Lifetime value of the donors in your database?

All of these details, and much more, are available in this one report. In fact, you’ll see all of the statistics shown in the list to the right (talk about comprehensive!).

To learn more about how to run this report, as well as the definitions of all of the statistics provided in the report, use the following links to our knowledgebase (login required):

DonorPerfect Online users

DonorPerfect Installed users

We’re always striving to make your job easier, so you can devote more of your time and energy to raising more money.  Whether you need to analyze your 2014 results or are looking to set some ambitious goals for 2015, the Comprehensive Donor Revenue Analysis Report can help you get the job done quickly, easily, and accurately.

Mike Sernoff
by Mike Sernoff

Jan 16 15

The History of Software…Starring DonorPerfect!

We’re proud of our spot in the long history of software.  SofterWare, the developer of DonorPerfect, was founded in 1981 during the DOS (Disk Operating System) days!  DonorPerfect was first developed in the 1980’s, and in 1995, it became the first fundraising software for Windows.  Then came DonorPerfect Online in August 2001, which was one of the first web-based fundraising programs. (This was just in time to help a nonprofit recover from the terrible events of 9/11.)

Ever since, DonorPerfect has been busy as bees innovating new features and services our client’s desire. For example, we were the first fundraising solution to integrate with Constant Contact. We were one of the first (maybe the first – I’m getting old and can’t recall) to receive QuickBooks Gold certification for our integration.  In fact, 10 out of the 12 months of the year, we’re releasing enhancements to meet customer’s wishes, or introduce them to the latest technological advances.  This doesn’t include our growing list of integration with other best of breed, third party solutions.

Capterra, a long time partner, created a wonderful infographic that explains the history of software, and graciously put our company in there.  Its a very interesting read – check it out! (Click this link or the image to the right to see a larger, easy to read version).


The History of Software

by sgoldenberg

Jan 13 15

WebLink Online Donations Exceeds Expectations on New Years Eve

The biggest online giving month of the year is December.

The biggest online giving week of the year is the last week of December.

The biggest online giving day of the year is December 31.

Why?  Uncle Sam and his Canadian equivalent. People want to get those last minute deductions for their taxes.  Plus, many nonprofits who run on a calendar-year are trying their darnedest to meet or surpass their annual appeal goals.  So they do a full-out marketing blitz: emails, direct mail, calls, tweets, posts and more.  Web

The new servers and software enhancements we deployed for WebLink online donation forms to handle this critical time of year exceeded expectations, and DonorPerfect clients had a terrific end-of-year. We had a new one-day record up ↑ 41% over 2013, up ↑ 116% over 2012.

2015 is off to a flying start as clients are using DonorPerfect to easily do their end of year reporting, send out the  tax recipients to donors, and moving forward with their new year giving programs.  We hope 2014 was a big success for you, and 2015 does even better!

by sgoldenberg

Jan 9 15

Holiday Support Hours and Year End Help

Holiday Support Hours

The SofterWare Support Team would like to wish you a joyous and safe holiday season! We’re proud to support your organization and we’re looking forward to working with you in the coming year and beyond.

Our holiday hours* are listed below:

DP Support Hours *Premium support members will continue to have access to the 24/7 emergency line throughout the holidays.

Blue Dotted Line

Preparing for Year-End Procedures

Join us for the FREE DonorPerfect Year-End Procedures webinar. We will review important year-end reports and procedures, including financial reports, donor recognition levels, and donor statements for tax purposes. Database housekeeping tips and best practices will also be featured.

Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015 1:30 P.M. – 2:30 P.M. ET


Be sure to check out our Year-End Library, full of tips for success during this busy giving season!


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Tips for Year-End Fundraising

Check out our tips page for quick and easy ways to increase your online fundraising! You’ll see:

  • 10 reasons to promote online donations.
  • A video that shares online fundraising best practices.
  • A video that show syou how to optimize your website for donors.
  • Four tips from fellow nonprofits to implement before the end-of-year!

Best wishes for 2015! May it be a year of good health, continued growth, and continued fundraising success.

Sam Stortz
by Sam Stortz

Dec 22 14